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Foliage as a Service (FaaS). We collect, preserve and ship only the finest New England fall foliage! Ship your friends & family a unique gift this holiday season!

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5-leaf foliage bundle

5 "Grade B" foliage leaves
5-leaf Foliage Bundle
All leaves are collected from New England and undergo a unique preservation process using glycerin, water and a touch of ammonia. "Grade B" leaves are a step below our staple product and have slight imperfections: small holes, inconsistent colors or a small tear... truly authentic New England foliage!

3-leaf foliage bundle

"Grade A" foliage, only the finest foliage

$19.99 $24.99 + shipping
We're sorry, we've sold out of this product! Check back next year! All leaves undergo a unique preservation process. The process enhances the foliage color contrast and also preserves the leaves for years to come!

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3-leaf Foliage bundle

Final Packaging:

we'll ship this bundle of foliage to your friends & family for only $19.99!

Each bundle of leaves is color balanced, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 mixed-color leaf! Mixed colored leaves are especially challenging to find, and are by far the rarest leaves with the tightest window to process and preserve. These beautiful maple leaves will put a smile on anyone's face, try gifting foliage to a friend today!

Leaves are approximately 3" x 6" - 5" x 8", sizes way vary. We try and balance the leaves, Small, Medium and Large :)

*Shipping Info

Include a personalized message with your bundle of foliage, we'll even handwrite it for free! Just include the message during the Paypal process, or email and we'll update your order manually.

Your foliage bundle will be sent via USPS or Fedex and will arrive within 5-10 days once your order is shipped. Rush delivery is available, please contact us for more information.

Interested in International shipments? Email and we'll try to get foliage anywhere in the world!

Foliage Collection Process

Our foliage experts hike all around the Northeast in search for the perfect leaves. During our collection phase we sift and filter through our inventory, hand selecting only "Grade A" foliage.

Our Company on a Hike this past weekend!
Not everyone is fortunate enough to see the beautiful foliage during its peak season... share this unique gift with a friend or family! Are you absolutely in love with foliage like we are? Why not ship a bundle to yourself?!

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