Autumn Foliage Wreath

Looking for a way to use your recently purchased preserved Autumn leaves? A fall wreath is a great way to welcome in the season and warm up the entry to your home! I made this festive Autumn wreath with a few dollar store finds! Total I spent $5 on all the supplies, and I have enough to make another wreath!


Shopping List

1. One round foam wreath form, any size will work! 

2. Pick out a few colored flowers and embelisments like berries or twigs.

3. Lots of twine (or Burlap ribbon for a faster process).

4. Optional fall themed ribbon!

5. 3-5 preserved leaves from!


(I found items 1-4 at the Dollar tree!)

Step 1

Wrap the foam wreath form with twine. Start by putting a small dash of hot glue on the back side of the wreath then tightly wrap around the foam. You don't need to glue the whole thing just some little dots every few inches. Keep the twine tight and push down frequently. This step takes the most time! Next time I make one of these I will probably try a smaller wreath or the burlap ribbon to sage a little time!

Step 2

Design your layout.  Pick a few of your favorite leaves, flowers and embellishments and play around with the design. Some simple rules of design are keeping the colors even, mix textures but keep it to about 3-4 elements, its easy to get carried away so start simple and build up! There are SO many ways to do this, I chose an off center large bunch of flowers and leaves with a smaller accent on the top.

Step 3

Glue everything down! Start with a piece of twine on the back of the wreath, you can wrap a piece of twine around the wreath, try to blend it in with the pieces already wrapped. Tie it in the back and create a loop. Hot glue the loop in place and let it cool before you flip it over. 

Start with your largest elements of design, I started with the sunflowers, followed by the foliage and lastly the small berries.

I didn't end up using the ribbon for this project but I will share an example that incorporates the ribbon soon!

Are you planning to try to make your own? If you do I would love to see your wreaths! 

Thanks for visiting and please check back soon for more crafts, foliage reports and the best preserved leaves!

Happy crafting friends :)

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