Maple Leaf Pin
Maple Leaf Pin
Maple Leaf Pin

Maple Leaf Pin

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"Grade A" Fall Foliage

Professionally preserved & crafted maple leaf pins.  Now shipping our 2017 collection!

Each leaf is coated with resin and undergoes a unique 3-day preservation process.

We then take each leaf and handcraft a 1-of-a-kind pin, perfect for any fall occasion!

Shipping Information:

Each bundle of foliage is shipped using the United States Postal Service and include tracking info.

We ship Internationally!  

Shipping costs are calculated upon checkout, usually ~$2-3


Additional Information:

Leaves are approximately 3" x 5", sizes will vary

Our resin has UV protection which will maintain a crystal clear finish for years.

Suitable for children 6 and up

Leaves are non-toxic, but please do not eat them

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Custom Orders:

We can customize any order!  

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