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Ship Foliage was founded in September 2015 by Kyle & Jessica Waring.  

If you've ever visited New England in the fall... you know that it's a special time of the year.

Cold breezes, apple pie, and all-things-pumpkin spice.  

The fall brings back memories to when we were children... jumping into a pile of leaves, and enjoying the most magical part of the fall... the foliage.

How Ship Foliage Started:

Kyle & Jessica Waring founded ShipFoliage.com after launching ShipSnowYo.com in February 2015.

The couple fell in love with the seasons after returning to their home in New England, from living in abroad for two years.

Originally Ship Foliage branched out from Ship Snow, Yo... but didn't officially launch until September 25th, 2015. 

We started simple, focusing on just one product.  Our 3-leaf Grade A foliage bundle.

original 3-leaf foliage bundle

Within the first week, our website went viral... gaining local media attention from The Boston Globe, BostInno, Boston.com, and Boston Magazine.

Shortly thereafter our startup was covered by The GuardianTIME, NBC News, Entrepreneur magazine, Mashable, and a number of lifestyle blogs like the Skimm, Purewow, Refinery29... all of which drove hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website.

Meanwhile, Kyle & Jess worked around the clock preserving leaves and handling a surge in orders. T

Throughout the season, the couple went on to ship over 1,800 leaves to 36 states and 15 different countries!

By the end of the season, Boston Globe named Ship Snow, Yo! the most creative startup of 2015 and awarded Ship Foliage the runner up title.

Our favorite hike in New England overlooking Franconia Notch in New Hampshire:

Our Team (from the right): Kyle Waring, Jessica Waring, Lizzy Hartley, Steven Lumiere 

Fast Forward to 2016: Our collection & preservation process...

We explore New England far and wide, collecting leaves in Stowe VT, Warren VT, North Conway NH, Lincoln NH, Alton Bay NH, Newburyport MA, Hamilton MA, and dozens of others in search for the perfect leaf.

We select the leaves based on their color, size and texture.  Only the finest leaves pass our inspection.  Once collected, we sort the leaves based on a quality scale:

- Grade A

- Grade B

- Grade C

Grade A + B are then taken through a unique preservation process, while Grade C foliage is returned to nature.

The Preservation Process

First before starting in on preserving the leaves, we press and dry each leaf for 6-12 hours.

Once the leaves are pressed, we start in on the glaze encapsulation process using an industrial grade resin.

Our unique formula takes 24hrs to fully cure.  Once cured, we paint a second coat of thickening glaze that takes an additional 24hrs to finally dry.

The end result is a thin Glass-like layer that fully surrounds each Maple leaf.  This process preserves the colors for years to come!

New this year... Fall Gift Box!

Upgrade your gift basket this year and ship real maple leaves & real maple syrup!  Locally sourced in Vermont, this is a New England treasure.

If you would like to learn more about ship foliage, visit:

- Our shipping process

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