Sell us your fall leaves!

We buy foliage

This Fall has been unusually warm and has caused a short season here in Massachusetts... it's hampering our leaf collecting!
This year we're branching out to purchase fall leaves from our neighbors in New England...please sell us your leaves!
Instead of paying for someone to rake up the leaves in your backyard... can SELL your leaves to us
We buy foliage for:

 $1 / Maple Leaf*

Who says money doesn't grow on tress?

*Each leaf is required to meet the following conditions:

  • No visible imperfections, mold, bugs, tears or excessive decay
  • Must be collected & shipped from New England (MA, NH, VT, ME, CT)
  • Must be shipped in a sealed plastic bag
  • Must be Red, Yellow or Orange (or a combination)
  • No Brown leaves (anywhere) are accepted, even the smallest parts with brown will be rejected
  • Use your best judgement based on the pictures of our products.  
  • We want to buy your absolute BEST leaves

Ship foliage reserves the right to approve or deny any leaf based on their color, size or gender.

If the leaf doesn't meet our quality standards, we'll ship it back to you in a sealed plastic bag for free.

We buy in quantities of 100.  

You pay for shipping.

Send us pictures of your leaves and make and offer using this form!


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