Our Preservation Process

Each of our leaves goes through an extensive 3-day preservation process...

Our goal from day 1 was to fully encapsulate each leaf with a crystal clear coat, preserving the autumnal colors of Maple leaves from New England.

Over the course of our 3 seasons we've refined and perfected our preservation process ensuring your foliage will last for years to come.  Guaranteed.

We start our process by pressing each leaf under ~30-40 lbs weights for 16-24hrs depending on the "wavy-ness".  Not exactly scientific terminology, but it's the truth!

Once the leaves are flattened out, we start our glaze encapsulating process covering each leaf using a crystal epoxy-resin.

Our unique formula takes ~24hrs to cure.  Once the first layer is cured, we paint a second and third coat to thicken the glaze and take an additional 2-days.

The end result is a thin Glass-like layer that fully surrounds each Maple leaf.  


Each leaf is then turned into different types of products including:

- Maple Leaf Necklaces

- Christmas Ornaments

- Fall foliage earrings

- Maple leaf Pins

- Maple leaf Magnets

and more!  View all of our fall products



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