1-leaf "Grade A" Foliage
1-leaf "Grade A" Foliage
1-leaf "Grade A" Foliage
1-leaf "Grade A" Foliage

1-leaf "Grade A" Foliage

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Maple Leaf Foliage

Truly authentic New England foliage.

We search all over New England for the perfect leaf, evaluating: color, size, and texture.

Each leaf is hand collected and professionally preserved using  our secret formula we like to call "Foliage Forever".

The result is a thick glaze that encapsulates each leaf.  It's a little more flexible than Glass, but still maintains a crystal clear coating with a firm consistency.

Perfect for gifts, home decor, jewelry and crafting.  How creative can you get?

Each leaf is 100% unique!

Shipping Information:


We ship internationally... contact us for an estimate on shipping to your country 

Each bundle of foliage is shipped using the United States Postal Service.  

Orders will arrive approximately 1-week after being shipped.

We hand pack each shipment with tissue paper to make sure your leaves won't break in transit. 

Shipping costs are calculated upon checkout.

Additional Information:

Single leaf shipments are larger than our 3 or 5 leaf bundles, and are approximately 4" x 6" - 6" x 9".  Sizes will vary

We try and bundle a variety of sizes within each bundle

Suitable for children 6 and up

Leaves are non-toxic, but please do not eat them


If you have additional questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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