Fall Gift Box + Mini Pumpkin
Fall Gift Box + Mini Pumpkin
Fall Gift Box + Mini Pumpkin
Fall Gift Box + Mini Pumpkin

Fall Gift Box + Mini Pumpkin

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Truly authentic New England foliage.

We search all over New England for the perfect leaf, evaluating: color, size, and texture.

Each leaf is hand collected and professionally preserved using a special resin.  We coat each leaf with multiple layers to ensure that your foliage is fully protected.

The process from start to finish takes 3-5 days for each leaf!  We're meticulous about our production and product quality...

What's the resin feel like?  It's a little-bit flexible but more like glass--firm and glossy.  

Our resin has UV protection which will maintain a crystal clear finish for years.

Inside each box is:

- 3 leaves of "Grade A" foliage.  Hand collected and professionally preserved (5 leaf gift box also available)

- 3.4oz Vermont Maple Syrup in a leaf shaped glass

- 1 Mini Pumpkin

- 5 Maple Drops - hard maple candy made with pure vermont sourced maple syrup

Shipping Information:


New in 2016: we ship internationally!

Each bundle of foliage is shipped using the United States Postal Service and include tracking info.

We hand pack each shipment with tissue paper to make sure your leaves won't break in transit. 

Shipping costs are calculated upon checkout.

Orders will arrive approximately 1-week after being shipped.

Additional Information:

Leaves are approximately 3" x 6" - 5" x 8", although sizes will vary

We try and bundle a variety of sizes within each bundle

Suitable for children 6 and up

Leaves are non-toxic, but please do not eat them

Higher quantities available, please contact us or visit our FAQs


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